NOS on stock Busa


Hi guys and gals, if their are any on this forum. I'm a new member to this forum and have a 04 black and purple stock busa with a little over 4500 miles. I wanted to know if any of you guys that are running NOS on your bikes are doing it with a stock set-up. And, if so how much of a shot, which brand and typed of system wet or dry are you using?

By the way here is a pic of my bike.

Link really doesnt say anything about mounting on a stock bike but the kits are cheap as hell all i need is 30 more hp
BAH, Just get a little Blue Bottle mounted under your hump, run some stainless lines put a little button near your throttle or Clutch and slap a NOS sticker on the Swingarm.... No need to plumb it or run it... No one but you is going to know the difference anyway....

This is unless of course your actually going to be hitting the 1/4 mile or running for $$$....
Too cheap and unskilled to run the quater for money but i will run in the quater. Or i can always take a poser stance at the theater and hit the button when some chicks walk by. Chicks dig nitrous smoke
probably wait till i drop into the 9s with what i have before i worry about adding more power
I'v talked to a lot of people about this subject and what i've learned is a 40 shot is the most you can go safely. Also, if you are going with a dry kit, NX or NOS are the same. Wet kit go with NX. Hope I helped! If you want PM me for more info:;):
I have a dry system. Made by MPS racing out of Florida. Good tech support and prices. Bottlle fits under the seat. Nozzle valve is as stated in the above posted link. Nice kick in the pants..instead of just accelerating hard in 2nd gear ..the front wheel get really light. You'll be shifting a lot faster as the NOS really loves to spin the tach.......... You can get about 5 good button pushes out of 1lb bottle ($4.00). Best money I've spent on the bike so far for the grin factor it delivers. Stay under 40 shot so you don't run too lean (MPS system automatically opens the injectors to full rich when you "hit the button". On the dyno, my bike makes 214hp
where do u get the bottles filled up at. Hey man i noticed your in belleville...We should ride sometime:cool:
Not bitching or anything but please don't write NOS...that drives me crazy...NOS is a company...Notrous Oxide or Nitrous is what we want to spray...That never bothered me until Fast N Furious came out and every kid with a honda, acura, daewoo was up at the track talking about NOS....
don't know if i will ever get nitrous, but that's a nice color isn't it? I got the last black and purple busa that was new for sale in the state of texas. took me 3 weeks of searching and asking around befor i talked to a dealer that wasn't trying to have his way with me without lubercation. he told me where one was and i got it........i could have had the red one but i just fell in love with the black one. good luck with the nitrous.