Nor - Cal Ride  aug20-22


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I need to know about how many are comin and I hope a cheap motel with no roach's are waht u want cuz dats what I am lookin into.

So Far for sure we got

Big O

I know some were interested so anyone else ?
we are talkin FUN here people.

As I posted before we are centering in my town of Chico, Ca.
I will suggest a couple routes but if you have questions or suggestions let me know.
I figure day 1 to the Sierra's via hwy 70/89/44/32 ... the next day to the coast via hwy 36-299-3 ...
for visual check out (Calif roads)

Hope to see ya! Let me know soon folks - Thanx - Kent
On Notice another group ride junkie active in the area. Be tricky to make this particular ride. As would be newbie Busa riding only few days. Next time, have good ride
Big O - are you riding up from canyon country? I would like to go, I just dont wanna ride to chico solo. Any one going with a trailer from anywhere south of fresno? Or going to be riding up that I could tag along with?
I'm trucking the bike up there, and I may go up early to make a day trip to Quincy to visit some old friends.

But first I need to find a motel to stay at, most of Chico is booked already.
Owen, u are gonna be pissed at me but... I gotta work that weekend
Now if you guys want to come on up anyway I would be happy to scout hotels and get you some maps and point ya in the right direction, no prob. let me know.

Also hows about early Oct for another shot?  

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HaHaHa! No way would I be mad! 3 or so weeks to plan it? Besides, there's no room for renk in Chico anyways. I may go to Quincy but I don't know.

October sounds good though.

Hey we tried, and it won't be the last time!
O, let me know if you are comin this way or Quincy maybe we could grab lunch or ... ?

- K
The October date would be much better.
The aug weekend is the start of College, and I am taking my boy to school that weekend.
Probably why Chico is booked, they start that Monday as well.
Keep us posted