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My bike has a noisy idle. Idle is about 1000 rpm. Bike is one month old, has 850 miles. The sound is hard to describe because it is a combination of things, but it does not sound like valve clatter in a car. It's metallic rattle/clatter/jangle coming from the top of the engine. I do not hear it at speed.

The sound seemed to get worse after my first oil change. I've read previous threads describing low oil level after an oil change and checked, added 0.4 qt. This did not change the sound. There is no oil leak (parking space is clean)

I rode the bike nearly empty last night, after adding 4.1 gallons it seemed that the noise was worse.

The noise seemed to get worse immediately after taking off the belly fairing in preparation for installing the centrestand. I was going to do this myself and so took off the fairing without doing anything else. I later had the centerstand installed by the dealer at the first service the noise did not change aster this service.

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Does it change when you pull the clutch in and out?
 I betcha a beer is does.  The Busa just has a noisy ass clutch so when it's just sitting in Neutral idling it is really loud.  You got the clutch, the Valvetrain, the timing chain all just clickity clacking away.  Should sound like a worn out sewing machine....

Check your Oil level, make sure it's on the higher side of the L---F level. I have noticed that keeping the level closer to the F seems to quiet down things a tad. Be sure to warm the Busa, then lit it sit for about 3-4 minutes THEN check the oil level in the sight glass. Otherwise if it's been sitting over night or so all the oil is sitting in the pan, gives a false indication of how full you really are...

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Before you do anything else, go find another busa and listen to it... When you get a group together you'll notice that they all have similar if slightly different noises...
Bike is still in warrenty, have the dealer check it and listen to one of there bikes, if they say they are all like that. If it is coming from the top of the engine it should not be there much. Clutch does make noise, and yes check your oil level as the bike is level.
I also have an 04 LE, it has 976 miles on it....and yes its making abit more noise all the time. But thats completely normal for any big street bike...its just that you're going from a brand new tight, quiet motor to one thats loosening up. I also have more noise coming from the lower part of my would def hear more sound with the belly fairing removed. And my clutch is grumbling more too...along with more top end noise...more injector tick ect. Don't worry its prolly all normal. Ask the dealer to listen..more than likely they'll say the same. The more bikes you own, the more you'll start to realize the diff between normal noises and abnormal ones....or Abbey Normal as some would put

Also raise your idle'll quiet things down some  

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I say its normal. Mine does it to. U said u got the first oil change and if ur dealer did there job when they changed they oil they are suppose to check for metal in the oil to. Ask them about the noise. Im sure they noticed it when they took it in the shop to do the work. If they are a good dealer they would of told u of any problems they found.
I had the same fear when I first got through the initial oil change. It is the clutch basket. The Hayabusa has a two stage locking clutch and a characteristic is that it makes a chugging noise. When I first started doing launches, It would hit and hit until it was all out. I went so far in the beginning to remove the clutch almost all of the noise went away. I will tell you one thing when I removed it If I had a show bike I would leave out the clutch ‘cause when you rev that 1300 without a clutch , “whwew†the speed ov the revs sounds like two stroke. I initially though it was the cam chain tensioner that was the noise maker but I soon found out it wasn’t. No worries just ride. The bike has little chugs and thumps but when you get to about 15K on the mileage and that 2 stager starts chattering you will look back at this noise as if it was nothing.

And then there are those pesky lifters, and the chain, and…………
AND IF you think that you have problems look at the poor SOB that has to start that chainsaw engine bike...


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I finally brought the bike to the dealer and had them listen to the noise.
They tod me that noise is normal. Service guy suggested that the injectors might need to be synchronized(?). Sales mgr said noise is normal and that bikes are delivered full of thick "assembly lube" which makes bike quieter and makes shifting difficult until this comes out with first oil change. Never heard of this before, Is this BS to placate me?
The noise did seem to start after the first oil change (to Mobil 1) at 250 miles. Said that Busa has noisy engine at idle but everythings okay as long as it smooths out above 3000 rpm and doesn't stumble on accel.

Pulling in the clutch lever does help somewhat.
The noise did seem to start after the first oil change (to Mobil 1) at 250 miles. Said that Busa has noisy engine at idle but everythings okay as long as it smooths out above 3000 rpm and doesn't stumble on accel.
I thought synthetic was a no-no until ~1500 miles?
The word is that full synthetics hurt the break-in process because they're so slick. And you need a little friction to properly break in a motor. I'm not sure about the whole synthetics/break in thing, but I do know that my bike didn't start to wind freely and develope its full power until around the 750-1000 mile mark. So I won't be going to a synthetic until my first full-mileage oil change coming up. I want to be sure she's all broke in.....
I had my bike broken-in on dyno at about 250 miles (167 hp, 103 ft/lb torque), oil was changed immediately after dyno run.