nice mod must see

I just emailed the company, we'll see what happens. I really like that. I'd love to have it on my build
I would of opted for that instead of the ugly atre box I had mounted up top for a gear indicator. If I still had a gen 1 that would be my first mod hands down. Nicely done and clean!:thumbsup:
For the guys that emailed them, would you post up the response. Would like to know if they still do this and how much it would cost. With Winter looming, don't mine sending of the ole cluster for an upgrade.
Yeah tell the company that there is a chit load of Gen 1 busa owners in here that want a group buy discount :beerchug:
Is it just me or did this thread disappear from the new posts section? I had to go back into history and bring it up. Couldn't find it in the new post section and there was still threads on there posted before this 1??