new windshield

busa commuter

Looking to buy a new windshield.Any suggestions on the type and where to get it? I like the look of the chrome one but heard it cracks after a while. I do lot of intersate riding. So I was thinks of the double bubble but looking for a dark tinted one. Thanks for the input.
I have a Sportech "black chrome" wind screen  that was on my busa when I bought it new. I like it. Only problem so far is that it has developed a squeak. That is supposedly an easy fix with a layer of electrical tape around the edges. No cracks yet. Can't say it won't crack though.

Keep in mind that the chrome screens are completely opaque. If you tuck down behind the screen you can see through it at all... Just something to consider if you didn't already know.  ;)
If you do a lot of interstate cruizin you should check into a Zero Gravity Sport Touring. Pretty darn tall. A little different looking but very functional.

I have the Zero Gravity Dark Smoke Double bubble and it looks like it came from the factory with it. The optics are what sold me on the Zero G. It is quite a bit thinner than stock so you do need a couple layers of electrical tape around the lower tab to prevent the vibes but the screen is optically excellent.
I have the power bronze high rise from SuperBikeStore And I like it quit a bit. It's kinda dark/ but you can see if your tucked behind it on a sunny day.

I only tuck when in triple digits, so the visibility at night doesnt matter since I normally ride EXTREMELY CAREFUL! Lot of deer and animals around here.

I have before and after pics also, send me a e-mail for them