New Undertail


I just installed a new undertail on my 02 Busa over the weekend and wanted to see what people had to say about the look. So give it up.

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very cool !!!!!!! I had to do the cheap version and cut my fender , also added flush V blinkers .
Hey Cowboy, What kind of undertail is that?
What did you pay? and where can I get my hands on one?
Are those LED turn and brake lights you have on there?
send me info on those as well.
thanks bud
hey VA Cowboy where did you get that undertail and how much? did you have to remove the stock tail section or cut it. what is holding your battery and stuff....
The undertail came from Rumble Import. I bought it on ebay, payed 179.00 had a choice of clear or red tail light lenses and clear or yellow turn signal lenses. I added LED bulbs for another 15.00 bucks. The stock under fender has to be trimmed. It was pretty easy to install. I have had a lot of people tell me they like it. I wanted to clean up the look from the back of the bike. I'm happy with it. Ya vripley I hope to meet you. I'm always looking to hook up with new people.
Check them out at