new to the forum and deployed

Hello fellow busa owners. I am new to forum. A little about myself. I have been in the usmc 7yrs now and i currently over seas. About a year ago I bought a 2000 hayabusa with 1500 miles on it. I went busa crazy after that i chromed everything, stretched it 6in, lowered it 2in, went with a custom paint job. The busa community has been awesome. While out riding other busa riders come up and just talk away, it's great. I had no idea how friendly the community is. I would post pics but the net is crummy here and it took me about two hrs just to get this far. I look forward to chating and exchanging info. I hope when I return to come to a meet n greet.


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Welcome and thanks for your service! Lots of servicemembers on the board - stateside and overseas. Check out the South East Riders forum as we post up information about rides and MnGs we like to have. :welcome:


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:welcome: to the board

we can wait until you get to a better connection for pics..............but not a second longer :laugh: stay safe and come home so you can make it to a MnG :beerchug:
The profile is SLOWLY coming together, but my signature has a picture of my bike and it only taken half the night to get that!! So looks like i am doing really good!:laugh:


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looks like you already know what the madness is about by the way your bike looks and what you have done to it, looks good.. Thanks for your service...:thumbsup:

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