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Just purchaced a 01 Busa yesterday. Sold my 00 R-1 to buy it. After my fist ride last night, I was kinda confused. I expected the weight difference, but the surge of power wasn't there? I figured there would be night and day difference. The bike is totally stock with 2800 miles. Any suggestions on what I need. Money situation counts out turbo.
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Well having never ridden an R1 I couldn't tell you what the difference should feel like. You will get some answers soon.
Welcome..But i ,we are confused...The Busa is a roll on monster...When i rode it home..40 miles 4th 5th or 6th..just roll on and lunge ahead....3,500----5000 rpm....My guess is you always rode yer R1 very high in the rev dept,..
if the Busa isn't pulling as hard as you thought it would..I
don't what to say...83 in first..forgot what second does, third i remember on the GPS say's 129mph....5th is good for 184..
please explain your feelings in more detail...If a Busa doesn't rock your world..somethings wrong with it..little hefty prob.
Thanks, I hope someone can help me with this dilema, I love this bike. I will probably have to eat rice and water for 6 months after the purchase, so I have to make this thing work
I guess I just expected more after all the research, don't get me wrong, it is fast, just I was used to roll ons in first and second. My R-1 didnt really did't need to be kept up in the higher rpm to move. I weigh 190, so I don't think my weight is the prob
Riding position probably plays a large part in why you are not feeling the acceleration. I think it is more transfered through your entire upper body on the Busa. I had a 929 and an FZ1, the Busa flat out ripps them a new one. It is also weighs more, and is more straight line stable than the R1. Every little motion doesn't throw the bike around.

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the power is missing because -

a) your not comfortable enough with the bike to ride it aggressively, as in giving it full throttle in first or second

b) something is majorly wrong with your bike, get it to a calibrated dyno ASAP and make sure you're in the 155+ hp range

ks, thanks for the info. The #'s don't lie, maybe it is the power to weight ratio that make the feeling. I am looking to get a few mods...where is the best place to start?
mike, 2 miles from the guy's house where I bought it I redlined it in the first three gears. The bike is in mint condition, got it from an exec. that was scared of it. I have an appointment tomorrow at a shop with a dynojet 250. as long as its not raining I will get a base line
get good full exhaust system, I lost 30lbs there...

go down one tooth on the front sprocket also.. $15 plus
shipping! cheap!

that will be enough to put chills down your spine, then go from there.
I am mot laughing... I'm not from here but I know where that is

what do u consider a good exhaust, local dealer has a full d&d with carbon can for 300., also where can I find a sprocket


I have a Muzzys titanium header with polished aluminum can, not listed on the site as my friend works at Muzzys and had mine made cost me $500 installed, but again that was a friend...

Got my sprocket from Schnitz Racing for around 15 bucks plus shipping. 16 tooth is one down from stock. Unless you want to see the sky everytime you twist it, do not go lower than 16.
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sup a_dawg redlining it @ 20% throttle and redlining it at %100 throttle are totally different feelings.

get that bike dyno'd. Giving a good working busa 100% throttle in first or second can violently backflip the bike

check the gearing also, 17 front 40 rear.

Something isnt right. When I hit full throttle on my busa in any gear the bike tries to suck my eyes through my skull.

the sky is kind of nice. I will probably heed your warning and stay with the 16. what about the TRE, power commander? do they really work? also, would the sprocket effect my speedo
mike, weather permitting,l will get it on the dyno tomorrow. you have me thinking something is wrong, the redline was at 100% throttle
Isnt there a timing retard in forst and second gear I have raced a couple of R1s they are close but usually lose to the Busa also I noticed a huge difference after I got it broke in I was alittle disapointed atr first mine had 800 miles on it when I got it