Wanting a 'busa


I currently have a '01 Yamaha FZ1 and just sold my '00 Honda CBR 929rr last month. What I am wanting to know is:

1. How much vibration is fed back through the grips?

2. How do Genmar riseres fit under the windscreen? When I was looking at a 'busa today it looked like there wasn't an inch of room under there.

3. Do you find yourselves being targeted by the local LEO's just because you have this bike? (not trying to offend any LEO's here, it is just I was targeted when I had my 4X4)

4. How long does it take you to change your oil?

5. Does K&N or Mobile1 make an interchangable filter?

6. Is there a K&N air filter out yet? Does the computer make up for the increased air flow so it doesn't run rich?

Thank you for all the help.

Hi Steve, 1st Zero gravity makes a nice double bubble windscreen that is bigger. Leo's means Cops I guess? Havent had much trouble here.. they look at all sport bikes. Vibration is min but good feed back. oil change about 30 mins or so, with a filter change too. I have a K&N filter and like me you would probly need remapping. For me the Bike is the finest I have ever rode

Although I am no expert I can tell you some things I have found in my bike that seem to be in all of the Busas.
1 I have a vibration at about 5000 RPMs or 90 MPH in high gear you know exactly when you are doing 90 seems to go away at 110 and I have heard many complaints about it
2 LEOs pretty much hate bikes no offense to those of you who are cops but I have seen it way to many times although we deserve most of the harrasment (you know someone saw you do those wheelies and called it in and you always look like you are going to fast for cage people)
3 I can change my oil in about an hour I pull the right panel and I can get the filter out but I have a Two Brothers exhaust I bellieve you can still get it out with stock if you pull the right side oil line from the pan (dont lose the O ring) drain oil clean exhaust fill oil etc about an hour
4 I use the K&N filter it has a nut on the end makes it easier to get off and on alittle expensive but nothings to good for my baby
5 There is a K&N air filter out and depends on how many Mods you have whether the computer can take it My exhaust advertised could use stock computer but if I went with a filter or an air box mod too I would probably need a PCII or a techlusion or a Yosh box I would recommend it anyway cant do anything but make it better right ????
Cops are people too. It just matters on who the cop is. I have been pulled over twice, just so the guys could see my bike. Later I was pulled over for 140mph and the guys told me I was a bad boy and concider my self warned. My bike stands out with Ninja Green Kanji a Ninja green Helmet and Black & Ninja Green gloves, but I do not get harassed here (CT) are in Florida

I also run the Double Bubble works great and gives just a little more room. ZG also makes a tour screen with a little more room.