New to Board... Considering BUSA for ST bike...


Greetings All,

Very informative board!  I've been lurking the past couple of weeks, and finally joined the board.

I am 'really' considering the Hayabusa for a Sport Touring bike.  I've read where, with just a few changes, it make a great Sport and Sport Touring bike.

This will be my first 'sport bike'.

I'm planning on a 1/2 day 'test ride' next week (my salesman is out of town this week) and have already been shopping for insurance.  My Farmers Agent said that Farmers does not insure "GSX" bikes in Colorado.

If anyone in Colorado can give me some insight on who they are insuring with that would be great.

Thanks in advance!!!

Have a great day!!!
I think the 'busa is in its element as a sport touring bike... with a kick. Plenty of hard bags available, and is a comfortable long ride cruiser. I recommend a gel seat, gel grips, and 3/4"-1" risers for the handle bars (depending on your height). Oh, and a Zero Gravity Sport Touring windscreen would help.
Welcome to the board...there are some CO members around here; hopefully they'll pick up on your questions and help you out...
Welcome to the board! I am from Colorado as well, I am near Centennial Airport. If you do not need Full coverage on the bike then Progressive is really cheap, I am paying $250 a year for just liability. They are pretty high on Full for me since I am only 25. Good luck with finding insurance. What dealership are you getting yours from?
Welcome to the board.  There are a lot of guys here that ride their Busas all over the place with little to no complaints.  Call State Farm and see what they can do for you.
Thanks for the welcome(s)!

How many different companies sell hard bags for the Hayabusa?  I only know of Corbin Beetle-Bags (not real sure about the golf-ball divits in the rear of them).

I am considering buying the bike at Apex Sports in Colorado Springs, CO.  I've dealt with the same salesman since the '80s!  I think I will wait for the Purple 2004 model.

Although not necessary, I would prefer Full Coverage insurance.  Funny, I pay ~$200 a year for great Full Coverage on my HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic (a $20k+ bike!) and my insurance company doesn't want to touch a Hayabusa???

My insurance agent is shopping around for me to see who has the best rates.  Staying with the same agent for over 15 years does have many benefits!

I just sold a trials bike today.... :)  I had a 2002 Montesa Cota 315R that sold FAST!!!  I have three more bikes for sale (I'm cleaning house!).  If interested, check out my personal web site...

Does anyone make any lower footpegs that have isolated rubber?

Is there a significant difference between the various aftermarket 'bars'?

Are the Suzuki Gel Seats any good?