New Tires Rock!


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Just put some new tires on and boy do they hug the road. First time I went to turn a corner I thought the bike was falling over.... But, it was just the new meats begging to turn and burn. Hopefully I can get a least one summer out of them! Anyone else got some input on these?
I got som 208's [not sure which version] and to ME they blow.  Much more slipage than the EOM.  Did you get the stickier race type?? I won't get them again.  If they treat you right, more power to ya!  Better safe than sliding.   :D
I'm working hard to destroy mine ASAP so I can get something stickier: rear lock ups, burnouts, kicking and cursing.... they slip on me almost everytime I twist the trottle on my stock bike.

KS - still pondering a trip to Waco, TX. If I do I'll swing by for a lunch at your nearby Schlotsky's Deli or something :)
208 sales are down 47% from 207 sales at my local dealership. Total tire sales are up 13%.
KS, you're the 1st person I've heard with anything good to say about the 208's.

But hey if they work for you go for it!

I finally got rid of those darn BT056 (second set). So now anything seems better......... I didn't realize people were'nt happy with them (208), So far I love them! WWJD drop me a line when/if your ever in my neck of the woods (prairie)..... :D