New Tires on the ZX


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Added new wheels and some Q3s today, will give a report soon. Of course it is raining today. Pics are before and after.


I haven't tried the Q3 yet, but have worn out several sets of Q2's. They are great tires. Did you stick with a 190/50 on the rear? I had always used a 190/55 on the Busa, but was unsure about trying it on the 14R out of fear it could mess with the traction control. In case you were wondering too, the 55 works great. :thumbsup:

Nice, the limited wheels look good on the blue.

Yeah they do. How'd you pull that off?
Got a good deal on th LE wheels from a guy that bought a set of BSTs. And yes I stuck with the 190/50 on the rear. I too have Q2s on the Busa (love them) great tires!

Nah just kidding, looks VERY nice. I wish my Busa would shift like those things !!
You will love the q3's. I went with the 190/55 profile to get more contact patch. It is a huge Iimprovement over the oem rubber. Looks good
Looks good!

Wow and I thought the stock exhaust was big on the Busa, the ZX exhaust is huge......... :poke:

yes......:laugh: A buddy of mine just got a 2012 black 14 and that's the 1st thing I noticed about it when he pulled up. Those things are frickin huge!!!! :rofl: