New Tire Savings Plan


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If your like me you don't have a bottomless piggy bank for hayabusa stuff.. tires, mods.. etc. whatever.. Sitting here thinking of how to avoid the "Dern, I need new tires again.. which bill should I skip?" blues. I came up with a neat, simple, and cheap way to plan for those new tires with a quasi-payment plan.

the theory...
I wear out a rear tire at roughly 2,200 miles.
I wear out a front at roughly 4,500 miles.
To ensure that I'm ready to go with new tires as soon as I deem a tire "dead" I worked out what it actually costs every mile in real money due to tire wear for my particular riding style, and habits.

in 4500 miles I will need 2 (two) rear tires. $260.00 (approx)
in 4500 miles I will need 1 (one) front tire. $100.00 (approx)

figure in another $60 to have them mounted/balanced.

the equation:
M = Mileage Divided by CoT = Cost of Tire = Money Per Mile(s)

my personal figure is .093 cents per mile in tire wear... with just a little more 'rithmetic I can figure that for every hundred miles I need to put $9.33 in the 'Busa Piggy Bank.

That would mean that my trip to deals gap month before last cost me $52.45 in rubber alone. (564 total mileage)

Obviously your cost per mile will vary due to riding styles, burnouts, brand of tire, and whether you mount your own tires.

Just a thought..

can you tell it's not a busy day at the office yet?

That's weird.....I'm a pretty aggresive rider.......but don't do burnouts on new tires......I have about 1500 miles on my Michelins right now and they still look new, honestly......I think I'll get bout 4-5000 miles outa them.
haha.. yeah it's a bit annoying.. did you actually read the whole thing? ... i'm not sure i would even re-read the whole thing.
I'm a pretty aggresive rider
define "pretty aggresive".. that may be the difference..

I do get 4500 out of the front till the tread is all burnt off the sides.. but the rear never lasts over 2300-2500 with any type of tread left.
Wheelies all the time.......very hard in the burnouts if I can help it.......heavy throttle long as it's know the typical stuff.