new stuff


Just had some frame sliders and the Speigler front brake lines put on along with a 03 starter under warranty. I can't believe how much better the front brakes are...that's what I was told but really didn't think it would be such a huge improvement. Also front the front wheel is much easier!!

Schweet ride! What kind of sliders did you go with? I'm thinking about getting some if I find what I like. I kinda like the carbon fiber sliders with aluminum ends. Don't know who makes 'em tho.
blas, how did you convince the dealer to replace your starter? I am just curious...
The frame sliders are nothing fancy, just black for $43. The starter was starting to act up so I told the dealer and brought it in. It was fine when they tried to start it and when he took it apart he said it looked ok but replaced it anyway. My friend had his replaced on his 02 the week before and his was bad. My dealer is very cool about stuff like this and that is why I will probably get an extended warranty.