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Wow! lots of new stuff to see & do. Went for a real ride today about 3 hrs. Back roads sight seeing ... I really am squeezing to open the throttle but am holding back till I get used to the area. Roads are everywhere up here and many that take different routes to the same area. Road surface quality kinda sucks though ... bumpy in some places and gravel in others. Cant get use to the freeway thing multi lanes of cagers to dodge. Today going about 75mph I changed lanes and about 10 seconds later I see CHP big in my mirror, I move over lanes and he blows right on by me. Weird man weird. Also cant believe all the looks I am getting yesterday a guy on a CBR going the other way allmost fell off tryin to get a look. Today a kid strolls up and says " Is that a Ducati? - Dumb ass!

Temp was great today about 65 mostly sunny. Full gear, not too hot or cold. Supposed to rain tommorow. Here is a few shots...

you are very trusting of your fellow californians to not whip around that turn and hit that bike parked on the road.
They don't have school bus stops in Hawaii?

Great pics. I've been avoiding sending any resumes to CA. I guess I'm going to have to start re-thinking about it.


Someone forgot to metion to you that we have these beautiful wide ribbons of six lane wide concrete called freeways.  Put your head on a swivel.  Know where everybody is for two lanes around you.  Watch for the maniac coming up fast behind you slicing through traffic.  The speed limit if 65 but everyone does at least 75, and the CHP will let you get away with it unless you are that maniac slicing through traffic.  Splitting the lane is legal, but be careful, do it when the traffic is bumper to bumper, and then still be careful. (still want to come to Cali Tree?) 
As for the pics, Beautiful!  Welcome to twistyland!
Julie Andrews is not in the pic because she's in Mary Poppins singing Super Cali-Busa fragilistic expeali dotious!

I lived in Whittier for a year when I was in 9th grade. Went to Whittier High. I remember the roads and traffic.

I just couldn't apreciate the weather then. Now my knees and knuckles get sore in the winter and I'm ready for year round riding.

Sup, Big E a ride would be my honor.

Well gang I guess there's another Busa in town here somewhere. The Mrs says she chatted with the rider in the parking lot of Raleys market. She said it was Black but dont know if it was all balck or silver & black... anyway I felt sorry for him u know havin the slower color and all ... But hope to hook up w/ the guy.

I went for my first upper speed run today, hit about 120 a couple times on big sweepers but feels kinda wierd in "new territory" Gotta get use to it here. Lots o bugs! I'm takin it easy for now.

Keep the faith my breatheren - Laterz - Kent



I lived in Whittier for a year when I was in 9th grade.  Went to Whittier High.  I remember the roads and traffic.

I just couldn't apreciate the weather then.  Now my knees and knuckles get sore in the winter and I'm ready for year round riding.

Ah, then I should have said, are you ready to come back?
Forgot to add I went to the DMV yesterday to get the truck & busa registered. What a fiasco! The inspection went fine but the paper work was rediculous. The Busa and the truck are in my name only and to add the Mrs. they wanted all kinds of paperwork... Also all Pick Up trucks are considered "Commercial" vehicles so an extra $100+ is applied to tax & reg tags but, because I have a camper top I can avoid the "commercial tags" but dont get caught with the top off or you will be fined big time for not having commercial plates. And I havent got a Cal drivers license yet so... dont get caught with the Hawaii one now that i have a Cal address... blah, blah, Blah!!! Nice place to visit but expensive & complicated to live here. Hmmmmm hows about Nevada?
Jus kiddin I like it here so far.
That's not fair, Hawaii gets to have all the fun
.  I know the feeling but I had you beat by one.  
Here we go hold on tight.
I lived in CT when I got my drivers license.  I later moved to Maine, bought a new car and registered it there.  I lived there for almost a year with my CT lic.  I moved to TX to take a new job and my insurance came up due.  So I got TX insurance.  So here I am living in TX and insured there, my car is registered in Maine and my license is still from CT.  Now that one would have been fun to explain
  I was there for about two months when I had to get a new Lic and another month before I reg. my car there.
How's this... I hate winter. If I want to see snow I want to either look into the mountians or jump on a plane and fly to them. Sore knees and knuckles...