Dummy Driver!


Well today I was traveling North on a five lane street in town. Middle lane is the turnig lane of course!!! I'm poking alone in the inner lane closet to the turning lane and the guy to my right turns into Checkers, a fast food joint! Weel there's this Blond setting in the out bound lane of Checkers and decides to turn because the truck to my right turn into checkers, thinking it was clear of course! Well it wasn't!!! You know if I wasn't Militray I would have went to jail!!! But I kept my cool and told her not to talk to me until the cops get here! You guys I truly am a diffirent person, about three years ago I would have done something stupid! Here's whaqt my 72 chevell looked like before, but you will have to wait until I get the nerve up to look at my babby again to see the damage, because right noiw I can't believed it happen!

i am glad you stayed calm, the car looks sharp in that picture. i hate it when something like this happens, i know how you feel.
(thepushercg @ Dec. 03 2006,15:27) i am glad you stayed calm, the car looks sharp in that picture. i hate it when something like this happens, i know how you feel.
Man I wanted to sl.. this person on the inside, but the out said, that I have 8 months to my retirement in the USAF! By the way she hit someone last week!
Dang dude... Beatiful car too. Hopefully it's covered and repairable.
Luckily it can be repaired, it sucks when a clueless person destroys something that you worked hard for.

Hang in there.
Man that was my favorite car when I was a kid. Thats a beautiful car. Hopefully you can get it back up to par. You definately did the right thing by staying cool. I know where you're coming from. I'm a retired Marine. Good Luck Brother... I hope things work out for you.
smoke, i hate to here this has happened. that is a beautiful car you have there. hope that you can get it fixed back to the shape it was in before the stupidityof someone else. I had a similar accident back in 96, but i was on a GSXR1100. She never saw me in the inside lane because of the car that was turninginto McD's.
i hate to hear about someone's pride-n-joy getting hit...that was a beautiful car...i hope you can get her back up and running...
stupid drivers
im sorry to hear about the damage to your car. Hope all is well for you. You should have Judo Chopped here anyways!

lol kidding, glad you kept your cool.
Finally looked at it today! Body shop quoted me $3200.00! I'll find out what the adjuster thought about it tomorrow!