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Just picked up my 02 S.E. Black Busa. What an awesome rush.
How do you keep people away from this bike. I'm afraid to park it. Just new owner nerves I guess. Anyway I have a question. I have two friends that have also purchased new 02's in the last two weeks. One in Texas and one in Shreveport. Both are complaining that they cannot do powqer wheelies. Any suggestion?
You must be patient my son, and then the force will come to you.
"I feel it is powerful in this one, yes!"
Careful my friend very careful. Have you done wheelies with other bikes I hope? But when your ready...
run the rpm's up to about 5-6K in first gear, back off the throttle then snap open again! and whoaaaaaaaaa! What a rush! Keep in mind the more you snap open the throttle the quicker and higher the fronts gonna lift. plz eaze it back down dont cut off the throttle too quick dont slam it down and be all means dont end up on your back side. ( see Crash 2000 posts )

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Coooool. Welcome to the club.

You can't keep people away from it. So don't park it anywhere you can't turn your head and look at it. Bikes are ripped off a lot around here in SoCal so maybe I'm paranoid. I've had one stolen too.
Wow it wont do a power wheelie is this something that anyone else has seen ?? My bike especially in first gear will come up very easy . I roll out 10 MPH slam the throttle open when it hits about 5000 RPMs the front end starts up > I rolloff the throttle alittle let it come up slow and easy shift into second . It really starts picking up speed fast here and the front end is skyward . You have to look around the side of the fairing alittle cause the wheel is in your line of sight . Then third as your roliing along I have had an occasion to peek at the very inaccurate speedo , which by the way works because it is hooked to the tranny and not the front wheel . The speedo reads 110 or so in 3rdand you are still picking up speed incredibly fast but the friggin wind is getting caught in that huge aerodynamic when its on the ground front fender and you have to be very careful on the throttle. I have hit fourth only a couple of times and she doesnt seem to want to keep the front wheel up without being very wobbly. It usually comes down nice and smooth in fourth with the throttle pinned. But its not over yet your front wheel has stopped turning and when you come down out of a wheelie at over 100 MPH it has to start spinning again so do let it down as smooth as you can . Hang on for the very very scary handlebar shake (you could probably get an aftermarket steering dampener set it to medium to take care of most of this) when the front wheel does touch and a little puff of tire smoke comes off the tire. God its good to have this much power and fuel injection to make it smooth . Anyway I noticed my bike got considerably better after break in try some then ...... OK its only 10 here in Maine I have atleast another hour till I can go for a ride at lunch
Hey Race 24, is your bike stock or how is it set up? Under very hard acceleration my fron will only start to lift alittle nothing like your description. plz tell me more...
Race24...1st though 4th....front wheel stopped turning..
I am 51 now and will never experiance this...just knowing it can be done is enough for me..but i will try for a 1st to 2nd..
The most important part is the balance. You should have practiced on a smaller bike first. the power is a little over whelming on these if you're not use to it.

Good Luck though

I can't get mine to do backwards sommersaults man. Don't feel bad.

I've been told if I run it up to 9000r's let off the gas totally.. then nail it hard that it will go completely over and land in a perfect stoppie.   I can only get it to flip over upside down then it loses momentum. -crunch

Any help would be appreciated  
After you let off and then nail the gas again jump down hard on the pegs, then when the suspension extends back up pull up hard on the bars and lean waaaaaay back, and look for the ground to come around in your vision. If that doesn't work, pick up the bike and any spare parts laying around and try again. Besides, the more you try, the less parts you'll have to be picking up.
Ego & Brennan:
The true art of the technique is in the arch of your back. Get the arch right and it just goes without any effort. Purrrrrfect.

I would much rather pull it up in second. I think it comes smoother. But when you get into fourth air pockets start messing with you, gets a little spoooooky!!



I think it is a timing -weight adjustment thingy. When I first got my 02 I had the same prob with wheelie. only a lift after about 6000. Now the damn thing stands up if I even sneeze.

I believe it is the apprehension factor.

Apprehension factor = Anticipating death from wheelie makes the buttocks tighten thus pulling the thighs together in a vise like motion effectively clamping the novice busa pilot to the gas tank. this keeps the pilots weight forward of center and keeps the front down.

After some getting used to it, the buttocks eventually will relax allowing the pilot to settle back in the seat a few inches. this is all that is needed to power wheelie at about 3-3500.

my .02