new noise


i just checked my valve clearances and they're all w/in im scratching my head a little. i have an additional little high pitched "whirring" noise coming from the front of the engine...its not really loud, its just additional to the normal little whistle or whatever the engine normally makes. i first noticed it about 1 or 2k miles ago when i would get home or work from my usual 45 min hwy commute, but noticed no real decrease in performance. i kinda thought maybe it might've been linked to valves being out, but thats outa the question now. i started hearing a little bit of what sounded kinda like my cam chain rolling around a little, so i have a new CCT to change out in the next few days before i put her back together...i just dont know what the noise could be..its not like a bearing squealing or anything like that..just a soft hi pitched airy sound. i dunno. anyway, i have 32k hwy mi and the last few services have been with mobil1 hi perf full syn oil. its only noticeable at a stop, both in gear and N, clutch in or out, doesnt matter. i dunno???...anybody?....
i dont think so..i'll check torque and some leak checks but it only makes sense for it to leak while its cold and close up after it heats up instead of making the noise after the commute
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