Strange warbling noise from below


Ok guys, this might be a really stupid one, I dunno...

When in neutral, with the clutch out (hand off of clutch) I get this low warbling (?) noise from underneath the engine. It's hard to describe, but sounds like a very muffled few large marbles rattling around in a tin can. It goes away when I pull in the clutch lever.

Is this just normal drive train noise? Just curious what you all think. Its my new baby, so I could very well be way too sensitive to noises

sounds normal, My 2002 makes the same noise with the bike in neutral, my RF900 made a simlar noise under the same conditions......should be ok.....I hope!!

Cool thanks guys. You know how it is, new toy, been dreamin' of having the bike for some time now, every little noise

My clutch rattle noise has only gotton louder since putting miles on it. It's so loud now i can still hear it while criusing at low speeds of under 35mph. Also the fuel pump that makes the bizzz buzzz noice when you flick the switch still buzzes quite a bit after the bikes running. This is a new noise that started around 1500miles. Does this sound normal? :hammerhead:
Please see the WARNING about the clutch in my post , it is from the UK Hayabusa group. The noise is NOT normal!
anyone else have this noise. I have it on my 04 with 14,000 kms. I am worried it is a "rod bearing"

more comments please, thanks