Engine noise and knocking


Have 2000 Hayabusa bought one year ago in perfect condition with 12500 miles on the clock. Have done 10000 miles in the last year even with 6 months spent in my bedroom (ground floor) during the winter.
Over the last 3000 miles the engine has developed a noise and a knocking especially after a long run. It's not there when the engine is cold and not there when engine is warmed up but not ridden.
Not really noticable when riding although it's hard to tell because of the can (Yoshimura).
Most noticable after a good run when you are stationary and give the engine a little rev.As the revs are falling you hear this sound that's somewhere between a clack, clack, clack and a GRRRRR and feel a knocking through the engine. I've been told it's not rattly enough to be cam chain noise, but also that big end shell bearings seldom go on these engines, especially if they haven't been thrashed and the oil is changed regularly.
I think I may have been riding with an overtightened chain for a couple of thousand miles, in fact, the noise began not long after the new chain was fitted. (Coincidence ?)
Could it be clutch (no real difference in noise with clutch in or out)? Or maybe main sprocket drive shaft bearing (but noise  and knocking happens when stationary).

Anybody any ideas ?
I checked the valve clearances at about 16500 miles myself.
All the clearances were within tolerances but I didn't remove the cams as there was no tappet noise.

What is the "sync" procedure?
You might want to open up your clutch and make sure all the bolts are tight. We've had a bunch of 'busas with loose clutch bolts (from hand-tight to falling out at speed) over here. Could be kinda hairy if you're doing a speed run...

-- Steve
There were also some recall issues with the cam chain gear in early models (99 & 2000, I think) over here in Germany. Not sure if this was a problem in the States... Might be worth a look.

Removed clutch cover and checked pressure plate bolts. Seemed OK but torqued them to the recommended 7lb/ft anyway.
I did notice however that the whole clutch assembly was slightly loose.
Not much, but it did move a very small amount like the feeling you'd get from a wheel with a worn bearing. Maybe this is normal. What do you think?
Hi Eveyone...My First Post.
My 03 Busa (17,000 miles) got exact same problem as this...anyone else suffered it??

What exactly was done to fix it??

Any help advice always appreciated

Thanks in anticipation
I think I have the same problem with my 05 Busa (red & black:-). It kinda roars and rattles
in neutral with the clutch out and gets quiet when I pull it in. My clutch
fluid has already turned dark with 2500 miles. I noticed with the choke on
that pulling the clutch in lowers the rpm's from 2k to 1k. When i rev the
engine in neutral from 1k to 2k (when hot) I hear the rattle bad . Sounds
like maybe a loose clutch basket. I've changed oil 3 times so far and have
some fillings on the magnetic drain plug each time. I've called the Suzuki dealer (Sloans) in Murfreesboro,Tn to have them look at it tommorrow. If the dealer says it's normal, should I get something in writing in case it breaks later on? It's in warranty. I ride with another 05 Busa and his doesn't make any of the noises and he has the same 2500 miles.
Same problem here. 05 Busa with 600 miles. I did accidently hit the rev limiter at about 200 miles (false neutral), think that did any damage?
I can feel the knocking noise through my handlebars.. if you can call that a vibration.. I'm guessing it's either the clutch or the crank counterbalance. I think there is an adjusrment for the counterbalance according to the service manual. Let you know when I have time to take the fairing off..
Yup that´s it. But it isn´t the counterbalance that´s one thing my mecanic has checked out:O I think it´s getting worst. On monday it´s going to check the clutch bearing and all that side.
Same thing here with my '02 LE, the Fluid is alot darker than it shoud be and its getting low... I'm going to change the fluid and check the clutch bolts and see what happens..
Well my knocking Busa has gotten a lot louder and it knocks cold or hot now. But only with no load on the motor. In gear with a slight load, it sounds fine.
But what's worse is now the POS is jumping out of 2nd gear when you open it up. (and yes, I shift like i mean it) I can hear suzuki's mechanic now after he takes it around the block. "the bike runs like a champ" I guess I should buy the extended warranty so I can wait for all the gears to go out and maybe then suzuki might see fit to work on it.


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