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hi having fun with new bike . excited to be with a group enjoying busas'.  looking forward to meeting and riding with some of you. 2003 silver/grey .

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welcome!! now post some photos
Welcome. I see you got the best color, too.
Now, as birdaprey said, post them photos!
Welcome aboard. Traditionaly it is a right of passage to for a new guy to post pics.
Welcome, we also accept pics of animals, wives, funny stuff, etc... Oh yeah, don't put pics of "something on the side", your "at home" may just look on to see what is dang interesting.

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Welcome. You're gonna love it. It's an incredable ride. I'm moving to Phoenix sometime between March and April. I've been there many time with my job, but I'm not familiar with the bike scene.
Welcome to the board,Im new too.This place has tons of info and opinons.Great information.....welcome