NEW LOCATION - 2012 Land Between the Lakes MEAT and EAT


Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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For you Chattanooga ppl, or anyone coming thru Nashville tomorrow; two things to consider:

1. Smyna Airshow: Navy Blue Angels flying. Don't think it will effect interstate traffic, but you never know.
2. MORE IMPORTANT, parts of I_24 downtown are completely shut down until Monday.
Friday May 11 at 9PM through Monday May 14 at 5AM, I-24 eastbound and westbound will be closed from the I-24/I-65 split north of downtown to the I-24/I-40 split east of downtown to remove existing bridge deck and install bridge deck panels. Main Street and Woodland Street, from South Fifth Street to Interstate Drive, will also be closed to perform saw cutting. Detours will be in place.

I would recommend that, coming into Nashville, you get on I-440 over to I-40, get off on Briley and take it to I-24; that will bypass the construction. This will add about 12 minutes to your ride. Be safe!



No training wheels?
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Bumping to make sure everyone going sees the new location to meet.
Great info Keith! Thanks!


Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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Hope you brought your rain gear! Be CAREFUL

Daniel: If it works out, call me I'll be around. Right now I'm housesitting about 5 preteen girls jeez the drama!


Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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Just talked to Daniel on his cell (while riding) - North of Clarksville heading towards Paducah.

Your Scala rider is AMAZING; I could hear you clearly, but ZERO wind or bike noise. That was IMPRESSIVE.

Hopefully catch you on the way back thru!

Ludicrous Speed

I cannot believe this! I live one hour from Paducah, and I don't see this till 11am toady. I can't get off work with this short of notice:banghead:
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