New jersey

I'm over in Totowa and since my rinding buddy got his bike stolen I've been trying to find a partner who could keep up (hee hee). Any time you want to go out drop me an email at

Maybe you can teach me how to ride this thing.
Just bought the Busa a few days ago. I live in South Jersey in the Mount Laurel area. I ride the bike almost everyday. Hope to see you guys out on the road.
Hey ,I'm sorry I didn't read this before but on August 4 I'm doing a Ride4Kids. Up by Bear Mountain Its for the pediatric brain tumor foundation We meet in the Anthony Wayne rec area at 8:00a ride leaves at 9:45 check web site ride4kids.comfor more info it would be great if we could put together a ride that day.
We can always meet halfway let me know.What part of the Island do you live I travel to Babyalon and DeerPark Occationally.
<span style='color:firebrick'><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>OK those of you that need your hat for Spring time.

100 hats to go... I will buy and give the 25th order free, followed with the 55th order free and the 99 order free. you do not want to be at events with a crowd and risk not being seen by your Brother and Sister members. Let's see how fast we can get these hats on some heads. Have fun and good luck.</span></span>