New Honda

Although horsepower is limited to roughly 100 at the wheel, these bikes are about instant torque, everywhere. [/QUOTE]<span =''>

EH?? we are too be excited over 100 hp? Me thinks not ho ho.. ha ha.. he he. For busa owners are we...we we. It doesn't say what the torque is "off the showroom floor"

The article does go on to say that if it was "derestricted" (man I loathe that we even need that word in motorcycle jargon) it should make 140hp and 100 ft pnds of torque.. So I would guess probably around 75-80 ft pnds at stock "restricted" set up.

Whachu thinkin?
me neither, that bike sucks...I go back to Germany and see one I'm just gonna have to bust it up and think of you guys.
Well, it's something new any who. Just remember the Busa's little brother is gaining a little muscle this year. It may not be long when the liter class bikes will out accelerate a stock Busa? I know this is a anti-busa thing to say, BUT the times they are a changing.
It looks just like the GSX1400.

Yes, the liter bikes are getting quicker, however, do remember that they are already at their limits. The new 1000 won't yeild well at all to boring, the walls are thin enough as is. The 1300 on the other hand, as is, with ECU modification, can run at speeds up to 16K RPM, and it yeilds very well to boring, higher compression and boost.

But, if you just want to talk about 'showroom stock', yes the 1300 is already outdated and will probably remain with little changes for another few years. It is also a different market than the liter class, and does not have any rigid competition or high-profile races to win.
You guys see the specs in the back of Motorcycle mag??? They are listed for a '99, but are not too flattering for the Busa...! What happened?!?!
Ninja Eater,

Thanks, I was starting to think, maybe the Captain was just trying to bow out in a graceful manner. That would have been fine as it probably takes a lot of work, time and $$$ to keep it going. Man the other sites just aren’t as much fun as here.

whyyyyyyyy, why not. The Honda is just another new bike and maybe its a Euro thing? I mean Harley's are a American thing. Hum, you got me thinking, I got something to post about Harley's - its a pretty good article.
sorry to say, but a 1000 will eat a Busa up, and the 99 specs in the back of Motor Cyclist?(i think it is) should be updated....I mean I've raced a couple and busted em up.
Thank you I think they leave the numbers that way to try show off the new products in the back of the motorcyclist, and I don't know what Jacka@@ they had riding that bike but he did not do the Busa justice.