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Well I just got my 2001 R1 stolen, Ive been drag racing it for a while, and have pulled some pretty impressive times. Drag racing is my favorite hobby. Now I have decided to loose the corner carving side of riding and go for the all out straight line drag racing monster. Ill be buying a busa in a week or so. I will be on here asking all sort of stupid questions as far as how to make this thing go faster, so get ready!!


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Welcome Biglug, we all ask stupid q's. and we give stupid answers too... sometimes. get ready for a monster ride man oh and I like the way the busa handles in the corners a lot more stable than my R6. and we are here on weds night for live chat if ya join in, go to chat room at 7pm PST


I also dragrace a lot. To go fast at the strip on the Busa the first thing you need to do is to either replace the 2piece back torque limiter with an after market billet piece or weld the stocker it will make you clutch action smoother for launch you will also need aftermarket clutch springs to keep the clutch pack alive. Then if you want to you can lower the bike links for the back and tiedown for the front. You can get those pretty cheap from I have a 1500 cc Busa and have gone 9.95 with no strap or lowering links can't wait to see what it does when its lowered. I also run a Super Comp Dragbike and have run 8.83 at 152mph. I love to dragrace and can never get enough of high hp full power launches.................wwwwwwwoooooooooooooohooooooooooooo Knebnr
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