need to drop and stretch my K8 ASAP.

so ive got about 2600 miles on the bike this year, ive raced a bunch of times...and lost every lesser bikes.

im losing the race in the first 2-3 hundred feet, and then no one can pull away further. i wanted to stay SWB but i cant do it. the busa is a wheelie machine. so heres my usual questions.

i want bolt-ons, cant afford a full arm right now. im 325 suited, i want to go 10.50's all day long. whats a good choice for sprockets, size, brand, vendor?

which chain should i use with said sprocket?

how can i drop my busa? i know lowering links, but how do i drop the front, cant slide the forks through obviously. and to further complicate, i want my bar risers on there, and still drop the bike... i gotta be a pain in the ass.

need help/wisdom here guys. i hate to stretch, but im 50% street rider, 25% corner carver 25% drag...all done on nice roads that are far from my house.

im thinking adjustable 6-8 stretch?


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That's true Doug, but with a 325 pound rider getting under 10 may be difficult? Mabe a set of wheelie bars may be a better and less expensive option.

I'm no drag racer so I'm just guessing.
In that case I would recommend a 4in swingarm extension, and lower the front one to two inches. That will make it much less wheelie prone, and keep it reasonable for the street.


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You can get swingarm extensions. An aftermarket top for the tree or just strap the front when you go a racing. Definitely dog bones for the azz :thumbsup:

And I'll guess you're giving up 100 to 175 lbs. of weight to the rider alone and another 100 lbs. to these lesser bikes. Hard to overcome my brother.


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Don't get me wrong. I'm getting ready to take mine as soon as I get the rear tire replaced and I'm 600 and 280 dressed out, so I'll be racing myself. I ran high tens with the stock '06. Just wanted to see what the '08 with a pipe and PC will do. I'm no racer...


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If you want to still ride street and race you should try soupy's dog bones...cane be down 3 in the rear in a matter of minutes and then back up later. Just those with a strap up front should help with the wheelie..Be sure to practice as no amount of lowering can make up for experience.

I've actually been looking for a cheater arm myself.
If you extend the rear, you won't be able to go much lower than 2" out back because of bottoming out on the launch. Depending on the style of bar risers you have, it might just be as simple as sliding your forks up to the bottom of the top plate to get an inch or more then strap it down. I'm 205 in gear and have hit my undertail if I go beyond -2.25. As for chain/sprockets check out 16/43 or a 16/44 set up with 150 link ZZZ chain. The 16/44 set up will have you screaming the top of 3rd gear in the 1/8th and works well in the 1/4 too. Keep it up man:thumbsup:nothing better than seat time to fix that 60 & 330 troubles


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I've got a set of 4-7" extensions BNIB I will sell you. I was wanting to stretch but I decided to save up and get an arm. PM me for details.
well, from what im told (i really need some video) im leaving the line well, all things considered. im 6'6 so im laying on the tank pretty much as much as i can when i leave. i slip out the clutch at like 4000 r's, i dont leave with the wheel in the air, it starts pulling up in the middle of 1st and 2nd (dyno sheet shows the torque and hp curve very nice and linear though). tire has never broken loose on power alone. ive messed around with tons of different launches, and watched a lot of good riders, and i just cant get out the way they do.


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as a 265 pilsbury dough boy here...uhhh that 100+ lbs makes a world of diffrence i would never never never doubt my bike with that type of ratio. no offence
325 LB turns your busa in to a small touring equivalent... Fast starts are harder to do with more weight. Hence - one of the fastest is named "Pee Wee". All races are won or lost at launch...


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Just curious..but doing a 4-6 inch stretch, how much weight does that add on??

325 + weight from a swing arm... would that really help?

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