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I've been lurking around the forum for a few months, time to step out of the shadows. I've been riding motorcycles ever since, well a long time. My first piece of transportation was a SL125 Honda (I was 16 and it was 1972) My first street bike was a 76 KZ650, rode it for a couple of years . I sold it in 78 and bought a KZ1000LDT which I still have. It has 1200 kit big cams head work all the good stuff, I thought it was pretty fast. Well at least untill this past October when I bought a 08 blue and gold HAYABUSA. You see I was going through a mid aged cri well never mind that's another story. Anyway I've been staring at Suzuki's since the GS1100 and last October I started looking for a white 09 (thought that's what I wanted). What I found instead was a 08 blue and gold 2300 miles. Saw it and knew it was the one. Now back to the thought it was fast part.My kawasaki is fast as old street bikes go but the busa is light years better in every category but 1..... The Kaw is way better at keeping the front tire on the pavement:rofl:

Busa 1.jpg

Busa 2.jpg


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:welcome: to the board and congrats on the new sort of have to keep an eye on that front tire, it likes to look at the sky occasionally :laugh:


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:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

Yes the big girl likes to get light up front and eats fork seals if you don't watch it. A few of us are getting together north of you at the end of April. Come join us.

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