New fuel pump


The Watcher
TDC just finished installing my new T-Rex fuel pump in the back away from the engine heat.

Pushing about 55 gallons per hour.  This baby should not have any fuel starvations now.  High revs now NO Backfire.

Now if you could only melt the snow with that bad boy we would be all set.
55 gallons an hour+5 gallon tank=about 10 minutes of riding...that sounds fun.
I bet even at idle that thing sounds like a kid sucking soda through a straw. SLURP
ninja eater, I would like more info on that pump you just got. Did you install or a dealer? I have the same trouble with my 1999, although today I bought an Earls fuel filter, and starting the mod of getting rid of my fuel filter and some screens, doing the same steps as" Narcissus Post" Filter change.
Have you yourself done the fuel filter change and didn't like it or just skip that part and go with the pump? Would like to know where and how much for the pump?
Twisted Wrist
No my pump was taking to much fuel pressure to drive the needed amount of gas. I went with the T-Rex and could lower the F/P and still push more Fuel..

How much HP you pushing, If you are not up to 180hp you should not need a higher capacity pump. Unless it is shutting down, which they will do it over heated. I did not install mine, I let the pros handle it for me. My expertise is in Marketing and Printing.
ninja eater, I'm about 187hp in the rear tire well over 210hp in the cam,I should have my mod done today, although the weather here in Dallas suks, so maybe a few days to see if it will help, but any how I'll have a better fuel flow, and a filter I can clean instead of buying another. Do you know what the fuel psi should be? As far as your expertise, mine also is printing, almost 21 years of it!!
Great.  Good HP, I judge all at the wheel when talking.  You should see some roughness come out, once you are complete.

I am not sure on a standard motor. maybe someone else can give a beter answer. Bueler Bueler anyone?

I would think that you would be around 50p.s.i the psi does not have to be as highif you are pumping with a continue flow.

At 187 at the wheels you should be fine.