Fuel pump?

ky busa

Installed a new aem 50-1000 fuel pump now I have no fuel going to the fuel rail. Is there a modification that needs to be done to the assembly? Last time I bought a oem fuel pump assembly no problems but expensive. 2011 busa 76000 miles original owner. What am I over looking?
That's odd. And ur sure the fuel outflow is hooked up correctly? And it's getting power? Grounded correctly?
Are u getting the initial priming noise?
It should just but a plug and play swap right?
Yes sir! Took it apart 3 times I even switched the wiring around backwards just to see what would happen it was dead no priming sound! Wired correctly it sounds strong as a new pump should there is some mods needed but we're minor. Wondering if the assembly would need some modifications I'm not aware of. It was very simple last time it failed I bought a oem assembly trying to avoid a $ 600 assembly both pumps have lasted 38000 miles.
There's not a little plastic protector u forgot to take off the inlet hole right? Lol jk
Well hopefully we can get u some answers :confused:
Yes the 10amp factory fuel fuse wont handle it put in a 15amp. Is there another one located some were?
But, I've seen 15 amps blow too ... 20 amp would be the max I would put in.

Also, it could be something else non-related to the pump. Ground loss from the kick stand switch or tip over or ....
When I put a Bosch pump in I didn't get the wire (ground) fully seated in the connector. The pump would run, sounded good, shot a fuel stream across the shop etc. When you needed the pump to pressure the fuel rail the pump would just shut down. Repaired the connector, all good.
I've had issues with Walbro pumps. One of them lasted a week before dying. Maybe you just have a bad pump.
Firstbusa I wish I had an answer It's got me puzzled I'm making an appointment at the shop that tuned it
To use the aem 50-1000 fuel pump you have to modify your fuel pump housing. Cant use connector supplied wont let pump go into housing far enough. Next there was some trimming that also needed to be done to the housing (shaving plastic down) need to use 15 to 20amp fuse. When it pressurized it would push itself down just enough to lose pressure to the rail. Sorry no pics it was late and wanted to get it done.