Hayabusa Fuel Pump whining noise................................


Hey all

My 2011 busa is having a issue whining noise from fuel pump motor is heard during priming and engine running. I had cleaned a fully clogged fuel strainer and fuel filter. new parts were ordered. There is no issue in performance but i am worried why pump is generating whining noise.

Fuel level in tank more than half. Fuel RON 90 from SHELL fuel Station.

Please help what would be the possible reason for the same.
Go out riding with my friend PirateDiverJeff on his 2011 Hayabusa ~ if he gets in front on the curb side nothing but pipe *

Can not hear anything at all ~ if he takes the baffle completely out *
All I can think of is the clogged filter and strainer may have damaged the pump a bit? I would run it a while, maybe with an in tank cleaner like BG 44K in the gas, see if it gets worse or hopefully goes away.