New busa rider with questions, please help


Hello ORG,

i am new to the Busa and I have some questions that I need clirification on before going to a shop.

First of all...I have a Gen I busa '02 with 43,000 miles on it... I think it is in pretty good shape for an '02....I have pics of it in my garage...look at it and tell me what u think?

I only paid 2500 for it...Shhhhh I pretty much stole

1. I was told that it is normal to hear this whinning or ringing sound coming from the gas tank every now and then. Is that true?

2. I smell a pungent smell from the exhuast upon starting. Is that normal...maybe bad gas? or does it means I need to clean something for being old or soo many mile on it?

3. A buddie of my notice that my brake light was not working. I pushed the back brake and the lights worked but squeezed the front brake and the tail light was not working.....what might be the problem....

Never did any maintenace on it because I just bought it in July28th and on the 30th I had an apendectomy so I didnt start riding it until Aug and now its oct. so I started hearing and seeing the problems....

any info to help me learn about the sweet bike I have will be very appreciative.

Thanks All

I would guess the switch in the frt brake lever needs adjusted or replaced may be the wires have come disconnected. as for the whining that is fairly normal as the fuel pump makes a little noise. I would change the oil check the brakes and check the tires out meaning pressure right away before logging another mile.
Sounds like you need the front brake switch replaced. I've never heard of adjustable levers causing this issue, but for grins and giggles if you have adjustable levers, try adjusting them and seeing if the brake light starts working.

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Bad smell could be excess gas. My 2012 is fuel injected but my last bike was a Suzuki in-line 4 with carbs and I had a stuck float which was causing gas to leak into the cylinders when the bike was sitting. this led to some other problems as well. Took the bike in and had the carbs cleaned and synced and it solved the problem and the smell. Bike ran way better too.
:welcome: to the org! Whining is probably the fuel pump and like Dad said, check the switch for the front brake. If you have old, nasty gas in the tank, it could smell a little funky before and after it's burnt. Stick your nose in the tank.
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I understand its in your garage....... but this is a thread....... and you are new........ meaning

Ok sorry but I have been trying to add a pic to may page for a month now and no luck, may e u can help, mlsdukes?
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I get a bit of a ringing sound from my tank when it's off. If this is what you speak of, then it's just the pressure from the gas being warm making vapor escape. I just tell my friends she's complaining because its hot.

Everyone is right on about the switch for the brake.

And look for any smoke with the exhaust. There is no catalyst in your bike so it will smell different than a car or newer bike (if smog regulated)
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