New Busa owner - Long time bike enthusiast & racer


Wanted to stop in and say Hello.
20 year vet Motorcyclist & frequent track day rider.
I currently have a stable of bikes, and stepping into a new realm of Sport Cruiser. Several years ago, I picked up a 2012 Harley Softail & have had much fun in that Biker world. Nice change of pace & different crowd. Currently building a Pro-Street bike that reflects my personality.
I recently traded one of my track day mules 2008 Kawi ZX-10R for a 2007 Busa.
I look forward to modding the bike a bit further than it is, changing some things, but also, enjoying the 2up capacity and comfortable cruising aspect.
I'll add a few pics of the bike, when I can upload them from my phone.

I look forward to learning this new machine & meeting a new group of riders.

Here's a few pics.


That was a great colour, you might want to shorten that swingarm for street use two up lol...

Thanks for warm welcome. I just started working on servicing the bike a bit. Been doing some research as I go.
Recently I added CRG shorty levers, Schnitz Racing Billet Stator cover (Oem was scratched from a knock-over), SpeedoDRD to correct speedo error 16/42 gearing, BMC Air Filter, FP Velocity Stacks, Billet Triple (So I can slip forks thru triple and rid myself of these dreaded straps). Among adjusting chain & changing oil, I also ran into an issue trying to raise bike up in the rear.

Problem with Adjustable dog bones. No brand name is engraved on them, I may purchase another type. But the problem is, was on lowest setting, I attempted to put on tallest setting, however the Left dog bone is hitting a metal chassis bracket, it will not allow me to install at highest setting? So I'm now in the middle, raised bike maybe an inch. But i just reinstalled the pass pegs and grab bar, didn't want tire to rub under tail with a passenger. Any suggestions on a good brand lowering dog bone that fits?

In regards to shortening the wheel base to compensate for a passenger, I intend to buy a new chain soon, I'll go to shortest setting of the extensions at that point. The look of the lowered/stretch has grown on me, so I'd like to keep it. Lol
I'm going to require a new rear tire as well, I'm sure, for State inspection, so I'll do them at the same time.
:welcome: to the board...i've got a set of Soupy's links on my bike, they work great and are especially handy for anyone who might be adjusting ride heights depending on if they are running 1 or 2 up at that time

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Thanks for the help. I'll chk out those links. Installed my triples and much improved. Adjusted fork & rear shock for 2 up compliance. Not too bad. New rubber will be an improvement.