Need sticker for melting help


ok guys, my gen3 header is trying to melt thru me plastic. first thing i need is something i can put on the inside of the fairing or around the header to keep the heat off and where to get it. as you can see i wedged a stick in there for the time being. what can i works
til i find something permanent.

secondly i need for someone to give me a good idea on what sticker i should put over the imperfection. i suck at creative thinking, but im good at judging what will look good. the plastics are 04 blue silver. im kind of leaning toward something that would fit diagonally from the upper left going downward to the lower right. no ideas on what it would say or look like though. thanks for the help.

I wouldn't add the sticker until you've run it on a few long runs... you might miss more melting with it covered up.
order up a sheet of heat shielding from streetntrack. I lined my whole inner fairing with it. Front to back.

When I installed my new exhaust I installed reflective heat shielding that I bought on line from Summit Auto Parts = looks like street and track sells it to.

I marked the route of the exhaust along the fair and then cover the areas near the pipes. I have had no melting issues.

The reflective heat shield could work,it did awesome for the seat on my tl1000r.But for your situation you could just run to a local advanced auto store and pick up some header wrap and some stainless tie wraps and call it done.
when I put the yoshi header at the stealership, sevice dept. guy says he put the heat sheild stick on pad to it, and since then I have any problem...takem to the stealership and ask em about it...
even if they come mean? how much can they charge? for little pad huh?  

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i think ill cut a small piece of the heat shield from under the gas tank and 3m it to my fairing. whatchall think about that
for 10 bucks you can get a 15 by 11 sheet of heat shielding. Just mark out the area, cut and stick.

Be sure to use 91% rubbing alcohol and clean the area. I ran it all the way down the fairing. Be sure to put it on the back of the side fairings (where the very rear lower bolts are) because it is really tight there. Run a 1/2 inch piece on the lower bottom edge under the very bottom cutout of the fairing all the way to the end.

I also ran some up to the lower fairing screen in this picture to give you an idea.


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I don't know how it would look, but you could cut a out an area larger than the burnt area and then mesh it to look like a vent. Sort of like this but with a little more angle to go along with the other vents on the bike. Sorry for the rough attempt, just something I did really quickly.

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What are the odds of that wood stick catching fire and burning your busa to the ground after a long ride? Dunno....just askin.....:poke: