Need buyers for reverse EL indiglo gauges


We need 9 more people to sign up for these gauges. I have ordered the red neon with an Eastern dragon on the left and busa symbol on the speedo. Also it's a 220mph speedo.
Go here under product development
Awesome!!! I wish more people had interest in them so we could get started.

well there are more than enough people to make these does anyone know how much longer we will have to wait?
They emailed me the other day said the tooling was done and they would ship mine in 1-2 weeks I already paid Rev indiglo white face stock looking 220 guages
How much is this and do we get a discount when ordering in bulk.........and how hard is it to put them in?
Read this post, my boy is making indaglow guages you can do yourself. A little cheaper and same effect. Check em out.

His name is Rhythm.

I've got a set comin from him. I live near him as well.