need advice-bent stock rims


most who know my big clumsy azz remember last year I wiped out the bus....when it 12 o'clocked it came down on its head, then fell on its side...apparently denting both rims.

I found the dmg to the rear right away-small dent in lip of rim thats allowing air to escape.  The front wasnt noticably damaged tho-looks like just surface scratchs; when I went to drive it home with that rim I got to about 40mph before I started to feel the wobbles...turned around n went back, waited till I got replacement rims with new tires n got my baby rollin.

so now I ask:should I try to get these rims fixed n keep'em for good spares JIC? or ditch'em cuz its not worth the time n $?

pics really dont show much on front rim, n rear is boxed/in storage so I'll take your best guesses, guys.

anybody want some bigazz frisbees?
Toss them not worth taking a chance with a bike, if it were a cage I would say ok fixem. Scrap yard make a few bucks!
i bent my first stock set " ran the tire pressure a bit low/pothole combo" golden child hooked me up with a sweet deal ! sent me a stock wheel set with brand new pilot powers mounted for a great price !
i just bolted them on and was back in service !
with brand new rubber , shoot him a pm i bet he has a set for you

(bigoltool @ Feb. 03 2007,17:55) Perfect excuse to upgrade!
+1, can't think of a BETTER reason to say, "Honey, I need some new (custom - well
you can say this or not) Wheels or I can't ride the bike"

I know mine would say, "Just get what you want"  
urm...I already have a new set of stockers...put back together mo. later n been ridin since... preparing to do polished/painted/candy color lip (full lip, not just the edge) on the stock rims, leave spokes black.

frames' getn more of the same

guess I can always send Yamahor some new rims to stunt on
yikes! MC Wheel wants $120-150 per, not incl. shipping-too rich for my stock rims...replacements w/tires already mounted cost me 300 TMD off e-ghey...
guess I'll make Ben some earrings...I herd he likes that kinda stuff.
get new/takeoffs. I've got a couple bent ones in the garage. I'm not doing triples on them. Look great on the wall of shame.