My 'tasteful' mods thread

Hey all,
Had my most recent Busa for about a week now. Love her. And as u can imagine, the aftermarket parts are showing up on the doorstep with every new day :)
This will be my thread of what i consider 'tasteful' mods :)
Ill start with an OEM pic and keep y'all posted along the way.
Thanks for joining me.

First parts to arrive arrrreeee....
-flush mount led turn signals
-double bubble windscreen (as seen already installed)




So, what made you choose flush mount turn signals over the stock parts? Just curious. Those for the rear turn signals?
Mainly because i am not a fan of the huge mirrors. Got used to bar end mirrors on my old 750 so am installing them on this too. Clean and sleak racer look IMO.
And they are for the front. I didnt like the block-off plate just because its non-functional. So ill be splicing these new ones in addition to the front stock signals (which will be clear soon). so 2 of each blinker direction in front. Should be pretty cool
Hey all,
Update. Started tearing apart today to install the akrapovic exhaust. Changed spark plugs. Removed PAIR system. Performed flapper removal mod and dremeled it out. And installed two short velocity stacks in place of the middle long ones.
Very productive day :)

This weeks plan is to drain/flush coolant, change oil, install PAIR block-off plates, And get the akrapovic headers installed.
Next will be to install clear front turn signals and flush mount signals in place of the mirrors, install bar end mirrora, install rear integrated brake light, clean up big rear fender and mount license plate, clean an lube chain, then install battery tender wires.
I think thats all.
Thanks for staying tuned




Hey all, update on ze' Busa :)
Opened up the engine harness at the left side by ram air tube and spliced into the ground for the electric fan circuit, installed a mini rocker switch and chose to ground it to the temperature sensor circuit right next door. Put the switch on its own connector so it can easily be disconnected with fairing removal. Mounting it in the fairing once plastics are reinstalled.

Replaced the whole positive battery cable with a 4gauge from battery all the way to the starter.

Then completely rewired the headlight harness for the new flush mount turn signals up where the mirrors were, and also added a splice in each signal wiring to allow for an additional light somewhere. Rewired the OEM turn signal locations to be running lamps now. Then removed the extra little brown wire up front as to allow it to be ran to another place on the bike for a new accessory. Pretty excited about all that.
Going to look into the required circuitry to make the OEM signals double as running lights/ and turn signals.
Will update with pics of the wiring soon but here is what the clear signals at least look like. Love em!

Thanks for following


Today was productive.

Succesfully moved the IAT sensor into the left side ram air tube. I opened and ran the IAT wires in the oem wiring harness for clean look. Then dremeled the brass nut out of the airbox in which the IAT sensor mounted, found a good plastic plug and using an old soldering iron to plastic weld the plug to the airbox. Then covered it in jb weld/epoxy. THEN took the left side ram air tube off and drilled a hole just big enough to fit the nut into. Plastic melted a small body-fastener to make it hold, then cleaned it up with dremel :) looks awesome!

Installed the akrapovic headers with new exhaust studs instead of bolts.

Got the radiator flushed and reinstalled. Flushed the cooling system 3 times, about the drain for the final run now :)

Ran a 4ga negative battery cable.

Took apart the rear fender so i can start modifying it.

And put a lighted toggle as the electric fan switch.

Next im wiring in and mounting a dual usb plug.

I think thats all lol
Thanks for staying tuned







Thanks guys!

Just filled her up with coolant, doing final purge, and bolting her bck together :) i used honda rpm coolant, blue stuff. Figured id give that a try instead of engine ice this time. Also put water wetter in. Just idled her in 80f weather for about 20 minutes with the fan on and never got hot, thats a good sign lol
Wired up a connector for the honda thermoswitch too, then boiled some water to test continuity, all is good, so thats installed now too :)

Wired a taillight disconnect switch to the left hole in the tail section. Interrupted the ground. Plan to do the same up front soon.

Also fixed the manual fan switch to only run while key is on. Mounted the switch on left front upper small fairing (as seen in pic).

Dremeled rear fender off and made a license plate bracket with the old reflector brackets. Simple, but cool imo. 'Tasteful' ;)

Next is to cut down the stock muffler to a shorty and remove the baffling, then see how that fits. Not into spending a fortune on a muffler right now, yet lol

Also wired in and mounted the dual usb on the right side upper fairing. I ended up using the 'extra' brown wire in the headlight harness, wiring in a coupler and running it around to the right side of the front section. That way its fused, all wiring looks factory, and it can simply be unplugged from the front section in future maintenance.

Also bought a 'battery tender' brand cigarette lighter that hooks up to the battery tender plug. Mounted that in the trunk all nice looking.

I think thats all for now.
Turn signals are next. Need to go get a male air hose end so i can hook up my air grinder. Might take the bike, with no muffler lol gosh its SOOOO loud right now lol

Thanks for following everybody. Shes had alot done during this 2 weeks apart, looking forward to the ride.








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