DIY flush mount led GSXR turn signals


Yes, it is true; we all at one point in the adventure we call modding find ourselves pondering just how to rid ourselves of the plague that is... OEM mirrors. Lol
Their dismal future is inevitable.

I give you, the 'functional block-off plate'. Turn signals.

Ok, enough shenanigans. So i have yet to see this done on any of our busa', so hope y'all enjoy and find something you like. On the newer-ish.

600/750/1000, the turn signals are incorporated into the mirror assembly, making this mod easy. The Busa, a little more time-consuming.

The parts you'll need;
-gsxr flush mount turn signals
They come smoked or clear, etc...

-a couple wire splices
-basic hand and power tools
-grinder of some sort. Dremel, air grinder, etc

First: remove the stock mirrors. Then, remove the inner top trim piece on each side, the ones enshrouding the gauge cluster.

You'll then need to unplug the headlight harness, located on the left side of the bike (white/clear connector at or near the ram air tube), and then you'll need to pull off the whole front upper cowling.
The necessity here is to have access to the bare metal mirror mounts, or the 'upper stay bracket', with enough space to use some hand tools.

You'll want to drape a large sheet, or cover of some sort over the rest of the bike, leaving only those mounts exposed. Pull the rubber thing off each mount and set aside for now.

Ok, let get into it.

Use a hand grinder/ cut-off wheel/ dremel/ whatever to remove the 2 protrusions from the top of each mount. Grind them flush.

Now on the backside of the mount there is a welded-on 'nut' which the OEM bolts screwed into. We will not be using those threads anymore, but we will be using the nut, but only about 1/2 to 1/4 of it. It needs to be ground thinner.

Then using a drill, ream each hole larger and larger til ur able to slide the new signals in freely. The entire fairing stay should be fully prepared now.

Now, the 2-hole rubber piece has to become a 3-hole. Make a hole where the knobby thing is. A big enough one to run the 2 wires thru. Also, make both of the preexisting 2 holes slightly larger, It will be easier this way.

Next, using some really thin foam of some sort, cut a stencil of the signal out. This will be applied to its backside for weathersealing. I used decal/emblem glue.

Apply the glue and spread it thin on the signals backside, then push the foam flat onto the entire sticky surface. Make sure to ONLY stick the foam to the flat areas; push the excess down off of the raised areas and/or cut it. You want it as flat as possible.

The next best step is wiring. Snip the factory signal light off of its harness (2 wires), then splice those to the new signals. That way you have a factory circuitry for your aftermarket accessory.
*you can do whatever u want with the now unused OEM signals. Make em running lights, turn signals, whatever*

You must now drill a hole in your headlight fairing assembly. Where the mirrors go, directly in the center of the 2 existing holes. Probably a 5/16 hole, or double hole. Just enough to slide the connector and wiring thru. So slide it thru.

The pointy end of the new signal points towards the rear.

Slide your modified rubber pieces up the wiring and in position on the end of the studs.

They will sandwich between the fairing and the fairing stay metal, like OEM.

Now the tricky part. Reinstalling the main cowling. All your wiring is tucked. Your new lights are in position. And maybe even you did something cool with the old factory lights.

Such as.. make em running lights..

Once its reinstalled, check the underside to make sure your wires arent too tight.

Check operation. Buy some bar end mirrors. Or something

Run and enjoy.






Nice job! Excellent write up and pics, I would leave the OEM blinkers as blinkers, and make the after-market led lamps as daytime running lamps, just my personal preference as the leds are smaller but brighter than the blinkers, whatever way works for you.
Which bar-end mirrors would be best suited to the Busa?
A few style options . . .


One could even invest in a blinker genie as to make the new flush mounts full time signals and OEM signals double as running lights/ blinkers :)

Kiwi, i dig the 3rd bar end mirror u have pictured. I feel those lines compliment the busa best.
Gotta find a way to hard mount em tho, with our solid freakin metal bars lol
maybe 7/8" carbon fiber handlebars...? :super::super:Lol
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