My new busa


my 9 month old pit bull puppy "Busa"


this is all 3 of my dogs: 9 month old male pit bull, 3 yr old femalerott. and 4 month old female pit bull. all just the most loving dogs. people will come over and ill have the male pit and female rott. chained up in the back. they'll call and say " is it ok to come into the back yard?"
Don't know if I could handle 3 dogs at once?
Have had 2 before, but I think 3 (especially 2 pups) would be too much for me. They look like they get along well together, though.
Well you know your house is the safest one on the block! Does the mailman leave the mail laying at the curb? I love the dogs!! The pics look great! I love the pitbull pup! She looks gorgeous! But they all do!!
The 4 mth old looks like my old pup Cody...
I miss him, but he's with my dad in Chesapeake, so he's got a good home. Cool dogs bro!