My first track day

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Hey all went and did my first track day yesterday! It was a blast and I highly recommend it. Here is a pic...

Howlin Mad

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what a great photo!!! looks like it was a lot of fun!! i'm glad you had a successful day!! what track were you on?
Lo I was on the "Streets of Willow" Out at Willow Springs Raceway.

Howlin Mad

(Still didn't get the knee down though)
There were 3 groups. Advanced, Intermediate, and Super Street. I was in Super Street. Each group had 20 minutes then the next group and so on. 30 minute break for lunch and at it again. It went on all day. Last run was at 4:30 or so.

As far as speeds I would be guessing around 100-120. Only in one part of the track. It was very technical. Second gear for the whole thing other than the main staight.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
See you gonna have to explain to my fiancee why i spent the honeymoon money at the track ..... Glad you enjoyed it....
no no...fiance bad!!!!
...hell, it was my divorce that FINALLY let me get my Busa!!! ...but if she likes the bike.....never let her go!
Man! great pic! Looks like that would have been fun as hell, and yes you look like a pro, You Been Hold Back On Everyone??

Ive wanted to go to a track day but just down right too nervus to take my beloved `busa out to race.

Looks like it was fun!


Trust me I Love my bike too!! That was the biggest reason that I haven't been to a track day before now. I got faster as the day went on. I started out a lot slower than I finished. As I got to know the track and find my braking points things began to move along. There were 4 wrecks that day. No one was hurt seriously. I was on new rubber. Metzler Rennsports. They were holding like glue. No slippage at all.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
wow marc,

i am totally jealous! you really do look like a pro! you have truly been holding out on us!!!! were the wrecks at the track from dippin' to low, (bike slid out from under) or did they crash into the sides of the track?? inquiring minds want to know. i really want to try it!!!

you are so awesome! :whip:

All the wrecks were low sides(sliding out). I think tire pressure played a roll in 2 and speed was the other two. Hitting the corners too fast.
Lo if your already knee dragging(I still haven't got it down) You will do great there. I was cornering to the edge of the tires. It was a techinical track. Only 1 real straight away where I could get into 3 gear. Other than that it has been 2nd gear.

Marc "Howlin Mad"