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Well took my son to the track today. It was a little crowded even on the pee wee track. He headed out with confidence and did well. I finally changed him into second gear so we could work on his braking and he did awesome until about the 5th lap when he went over the burm in turn 1. Too much speed and no brakes. No worries he wasn't hurt at all. Great day though all had fun!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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He is explaining what happened in the turn that threw him into the mud!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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I'm glad to hear that he is having fun. I always had a blast on my dirt bikes.
Great pics Marc!

Before you know it he'll be leading YOU up Palomar! hehe!
Funny thing bren he asked if he could go up there so he could learn the road. I told him he just needs to learn how to use the brakes for now.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Time the Josh if awesome to me. My boy is 6 and for 2 years of his life I have been deployed. So needless to say I am happy to be missing this one.
Great pic's Marc. I'm glad you guys had fun. Before you know it you will be bumping him up to the 65cc KTM pro series.