Track Day

I bow down to you track and curve riders...Straight line for me...
I love the track but the Busa is all done up now and I am afraid of hitting the tarmac with it now. Guess I will have to start using the wifes 954. Hehehehehe!!
Great pics Knebnr. I'm sort of like Busabullet in that I've invested a lot into the Busa in mods to risk it. I will probably be looking into a track bike sometime next year. Too much going on right now with the new house and everything.


Looking good, Knebnr. I would like to get out on a track someday also.
Track days are the best!! If you haven't done one I strongly recommend it!

Great Pic!! Look like a pro in that corner.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Glad you came back to us pic' were high on adreniline huh!..sweet..I survived 1 and a half years at SearsPoint..91-92... roadracing is a sacred type feeling...
memories forever...saw lot's of carnage..ugly......Can't hardly believe some of the things i saw happen..I am lucky to have survived.....1,59 seconds best lap..76 mph average..cooki'n
on a 89 FZR600 Yamerhammer..great scoot..very stabil..
hey besides removing your mirrors and taping up your lights what else did you have to do to prepare your bike. Did you have to change any of the fluids?
Didn't have to change out any fluids but each trackday organization is different some may want you to change out your coolant. I went ahead and changed my coolent to engine ice it seems to work really good. I love riding the Busa on the track but I just did my last track day on a ZX-9R that I bought for the track it doesn't pack the same top end punch but is much lighter and handles better.