My county sheriff just aquired 2 copters


the sherriff here hasnt gotten any copters. we do have a customs ops here though. they have buzzed me a few times when i was running about 160. scares the hell out of me. damn them jets are loud.

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Why can't they just leave us be?

I say Amen dude, it is a war betwixt us.
Us vs them.
And they want the war, so effum.
War is a strong Word, maybe a game of cat and mouse? We all push it out there and they are looking out for us. So show them a little respect for what they do. Being a public servant is not easy!

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The nerve...........
Chasing a Busa (faster than a jet) with a helicopter........
Its like showing up at a gun fight with a knife. Shessssss
The nerve...........
Chasing a Busa (faster than a jet) with a helicopter........
Its like showing up at a gun fight with a knife. Shessssss
I think its more like showing up to a knife fight with a gun.

I usually see a copter flying somewhere when im driving. Indy cops are pretty cool, even on 465 where the speedlimit is 55mph, NO ONE drives less than 65, cops have passed me at 80 mph, not even trying to pull someone over, just cruising. In the fast lane people ususally drive 95 on the west side.


Look at the bright side. The Busa can out run a helio. Top speed on most is around 140-150. The rotars on the "south" or return side fail to produce lift, becaust the air speed is greater than the rotar speed. Of course you have to have a place to hide once you are out of visual range. A full tank of gas doesn't hurt either.


Tree is right about the speed, I have flown in the State Police Bell Jet Ranger 140mph is about tops for speed. We were flying with the drug task force pulling plants spoted from the air.(easy to see because of the off color from the normal area plants) and were called for a high speed car chase it took miles and miles to catch up doing 140mph and the chase going about 110mph on the T way, our closing speed was only around 30mph. One thing that does help in the air is you can see for miles and miles and we could cut cross lots because of not being limited to the road. That is where the diff in speed is made up. Its a roll of the dice to make a run for it... Like I said in the past all ya need is some one with spike strips to mess your day up. The radio is the winner in a lot of races.


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It's true. The retreating blade does not produce lift. That is why there is a trend for counter rotating rotors like the Havoc. But still very expensive to maintain. The V-22 was designed to solve this problem.

If Customs was chasing you on your bike, my guess it was for fun. Most Customs agents I know are pretty cool unless you break one of their laws which I doubt a Busa would be doing.

Just my 2 cents from an old UH-1N Huey and SH-60B Seahawk pilot. I think I said it before, I used to think flying 150 knots at fifteen feet was fast. LOL.


i agree with the for fun thing about customs. i know several of the guys out there that do maintenance (work with their wives) and one of the pilots. they buzz us just for something to do. they have to do touch and go's and have a certain number of hours in the air every month regardless of whether they are down by del rio (mexico border) chasing bad guys or just jackin with us. but it still scares the hell outa ya when one of them lear jets comes screamin over and your runnin about 140. ya just dont look up high enough at that speed to see em coming

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