My busa needs a cover.


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I'm looking for a cover for my Busa. I see there are different sizes and I wanted the opinion of someone that has a cover. I see 58cycle has one (CoverMax Indoor / Outdoor Water-Resistant Motorcycle Cover) but there are two sizes. If anyone has this one let me know how it fits or if you have one you would recommend let me know.
I can get you a nice cover that will fit the busa like a glove for 70 made out army duck canvas or I can do a half cover for 30.

both prices do not include shipping.

Let me know.
Dowco makes some nice ones which I think are similar to the Covermax ones.  Size 'Large' is what you need to cover the Busa.  There is also the Geza cover that looks/works pretty good.  Here's a pic:  

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Thanks BBS.

I'm still curios to see army duck canvas

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Thanks BigBS! I was also looking into the Dowco Guardian Super Cover. I appreciate the feedback!
Im assuming the half covers are used just to keep the bike from prying eyes since it doesnt offer much weather/sun protection?
I always thought it was for tight storage areas and to keep the seat and controls out of the weather.
i used to have the dowco for large displacement bikes. it would fit loosly and cover the entire bike right down to the ground. there was a vent on the top to release any moisture that would develope. bulky looking and but a great choice imho.
This Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season cover fits like a glove in size XL and is fitted at the bottom and has functional covered vents. Also has an anti scratch flannel like inside cover for the shield and nose area. I believe it was less than $40 thru

Sorry, my only pic of it was from behind at a cabin near the Lolo Pass on hiway 12.