My busa needs a cover.

The dowco with the built in alarm sounds cool and inexpensive.
That's what I have. Covers the bike top to bottom, and the alarm as simple as it is will spook a thief - they pull the cover, the pin gets pulled out, it screams pretty loud, and there is no way to stop it until you put the pin back (which is impossible to do easily).
I love my Geza great, easy to take on and off...and it fits into a little bag. Good stuff.
I bought one of these. Seemed like a better price than I could find anywhere else.

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Im assuming the half covers are used just to keep the bike from prying eyes since it doesnt offer much weather/sun protection?
They cover just enough to leave some imagination... kinda like a bikini on a hottie!
which reminds me I need to go to beach today.
I got a XL Wolf cover from Walmart. Keeps the sun off and the rain. Not very fancy but at 18 bucks it's hard to beat............
I just ordered the Nelson Rigg UV 2000 half cover for 31 dollars from New they said it was compaired to the Geza cover in one of the motorcycle mags, I guess I will see next week. I got it mainly for covering the bike at work, to help keep the direct sunlight off the bike while sitting in the parking lot, and those occacional trips to the Gap.
Here's the only pic I have with the Dowco cover on. The front bike is my old Volusia, but behind is Baby J.

sorry to leave you guys hanging. hear is the best pic I can find of the duck canvas cover.

Sorry about that Josh, but I went with the Falcon Defender 2000 form BikeBandit for $74 shipped. It fits perfect.