My bikes are gone


Never fear there will be another under my rear...soon.

03 busa or 03 1000 or both not sure yet.
Hey man, let us know as soon as you get a new one. And post pics. too! You know how we like the pics.
Yeah, curious as to what you might do...I like the grand also but no comparo to the Busa...
I am kinda with not one but two busas in yer garage..somethings goin' in yer life..Hope it works out for you in the future.....Let us know what it was like to ride a Busa on the track....good memories to read..
Don't do that! I can't handle all those colors on one bike all at once!
I dare you to try to keep the front tire on the ground. From what I hear it is quit the wheely machine.
hey you'll hafta tell me what you think about the micron canister. I really like the looks of those for slip ons.