muzzy exhaust?? good/bad??


full muzzy system, I was quoted $575.00 installed is this a good price? And what does it sound like? I've heard D&D on a Busa, where would tha muzzy compare? Thanks in advance for the help.
if it has the titanium header pipes, it is a great sys. thats what I have... lost 30lbs from stock, awesome flow, nice and loud when you get on it. I can show you pics if you like.
im stilling waiting to hear that Muzzzy
by the way, earlier in the week was the first time I could redline her since changing front sprocket.... lets just say that bad boy rattled my teeth at 10000rpms.
Thanks for the input, the dealer said it would knock off about 30 lbs, I think the Muzzy is the way to go.......
I like Muzzy and that is what I am running on my N/A Busa. However, I get a load of crap from my Suzuki bretheren who claim Muzzy=Kawasaki and Yosh=Suzuki.... I really don't care too much, but that is the trend....