Moving Advice Needed....


My sister is moving to Arizona from Cleveland Ohio I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with long moves and what some good options would be...

She is currently renting a double house so its not too much a couch some chairs a few tables bed dressers computer and stuff like that but nothing like washer and dryers and fridges or anything... She also has a car and 2 dogs and a cat...

Heres my best thought so far is to sell the car and rent a uhaul and get a cat carrier for the cat and keep the dogs on the bench seat with us as we drive seeing Im going with her to help her then buy a new car when she gets down there seeing she wants a new car anyways...

second thought is Renting a POD but looking into that will cost near 3,600 and she will still have to drive her own car down or I guess she could do the sell the car idea and fly down but that wont work unless shes willing to pay 100s more to fly her animals down as well...

Please if you know of any cheaper or better ways Im open to any and all ideas...
I found a garage sale worked best when I went west to east.. I figured out what it cost to move most of my junk plus what I could sell it for..

Still took a bit of a loss on the final tally but the stress? next to zip.. all the rest? I put in a van and headed east.. Just the costs of moving stuff was too high

Sort of tough for most to do but I bet the military guys are aces at this stuff...
Moved my lady from Seattle, WA to MD (just north of DC) in 2002.

We u-hauled her stuff with a truck and her car with a "all car wheels off the ground" u-haul trailer that was pulled by the truck. We did the trip in 6 days, including 36 hours of no progress while we laid up in hotel in IL due to food poisoning that we picked up in MN. (We may never eat at a Perkins again ;).

My best advice is about the trip more than about moving the stuff. Give yourself plenty of time to make the trip. We thought it would be kind of fun to "cruise across the country". As it went, we didn't have any time to do anything but get from point A to point B and it was a job more than anything. Had we 9 or 10 days instead of 6, we could've enjoyed the trip as an adventure. Instead, we were little more than truck driver and navigator desperate to get home before I had to be back to work.

Best of luck!
Thanks guys... this is so stressful If it was me I would just throw everything away lol and give the animals to family and fly down... I really hope this all works out without her having some huge girl melt down lol
I'm with Bogus.. Craigslist or garage sale everything that is non essential just to simplify things. As you have seen, PODs are not all they are cracked up to be and have a high initial price.
Upon selling all the old furniture, get the regular size cargo van to do a one way move with the few leftovers.
a few years ago, I moved a friend from here to seattle, wa (about 34 hours straight through), big u-haul w/car on a dolly (front wheel drive, if she has a rear wheel drive, it's best to trailer it or pull the driveshaft) not much room in the cab...most have just just 2 bucket seats. advantage of towing the car is if the truck breaks down, you're not stranded.
Moved from MS to CA

14' uhaul and tow dolly. take what you want, sell the rest. i took 1 cat on that trip and it was a PITA. cats dont like cars for the most part so you got the meowing and the constant sh**ting.
btw for less than 3600 bucks you can hire people to move everything for you take it to your new house and set it up. then you just drive with your animals.
or you can see what train companies are avail. they also have trcks that will let you load the trailer to a certain point and then drop it off for you to unload only downside is you have to load/ unload in a certain timeframe.