Mount Evans Video


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Here's a vid of the highest paved road in North America! 14,130ft! The camera doesn't do the views or the feeling of being on top of the world justice, but you'll get the idea!

Not viewable from cell phones due to music copyright.
Awesome.. Does the bike run any different in that thin air?
Didn't notice a difference. But it's not like we were getting on it hard on that road! ;)
That must have been a fun ride. Great views. Narrow road. I will never forget my bike trip through the mountains with my dad 20 years ago. That was on a Honda Shadow 1100. Would love to do it again on my Busa.
I also noticed the road got narrow and in worse condition the farther up you went..
Yea, it got more narrow and crazy the higher it got!

It's the music I attached to the video, because of the copyright. The owner of the music decides syndication, not me.
I rode that road in September of last year on my Kingpin. Just to let everyone know, the name of that road is "Oh My Gawd Road", true fact.