Monster Jam 2003


Thought about going.. and taking my daughter...
anybody been to one of these? any suggestions??
I have no idea "WHAT" your talking about...
But if you really want to take her...I'm cool with that...
I've never gone to see one but I do watch them on TV every now and then.  If she likes watching them then it would make for a great day for the two of you to injoy together.  I would think. From what I have heard if it is indoors it is very loud.
O.K. I'm with you now...Take her...It will be "Priceless"...
smile.gif old is your daughter? You want to take her to see a monster truck called "Grave Digger".

Can you say Nightmare?
Man, kids get a kick out of this. My brother-in-law took my little nephew, Kirkland, to a show in Houston about a month ago in Houston. Kids really dig it.

They are having one here in Texas this weekend.......not really what I want to be doing but kids love em.
were not going... she is gonna go to cheerleader camp instead. not my idea

I wanted to go see the 1500hp trucks!
Well you should still do something together. Maybe Cheerleading camp? just tweaking you. Good to do anything with the kids while you can.