Mississippi members from the coast===


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I've got a really good friend who is looking seriously at this
'06 Limited Edition Busa someone from Ocean Springs,Ms has for sale...

I was just wondering if by chance it might be one of our members on here selling or do any of you from that area know someone selling their bike from Ocean Springs?
We are in North Central Ms and he is contemplating buying--- Just thought I'd run it by our Ms coast members to see if you could tell me anything==== thanks, Chris
Pic of the bike for sale below...

This is the link to the bike on ebay:


Since there are only a couple of us on the coast.. me and my husband and a few of our low-lying friends .. it's not ours. I'm not sure whose that is.... I'll ask around... heck in Ocean Springs it could very well be a military guy who is just getting here or is getting deployed.

Are those Chrome Rims? I don't recall a White LE with chrome rims... and stock exhaust.

Lemmee do some snooping.... I may be able to find something out for ya!
Like Jules said we are not fimaliar with that bike for OS at that. We have a few friends with some 06 LE's but no are selling them. We will check around to see if anyone knows of it.
Thanks Busa Jules and DocDrop....

I was just wondering--- I think the sale is due to end in a day or two and we were just hoping some of y'all might know them--- I noticed the chrome rims too- looks like in the pics that it is somebody with decent money, so hope he was one of these that bought just because he could but really don't ride that much... it shows on the odometer only 2450 or so miles... heck, he must not ride much--- I just went over 31000 on my '06 while I was riding yesterday.....

Thanks again y'all and if you do find out anything, just PM me or post back up here...see y'all later- be safe!! Chris